Protein Chocolate

“Totally yummy. But 90% less sugar. ”

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  • Protein Chocolate
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High Protein & Ballaststoffreich
90% less sugar*
But still just as yummy as regular chocolate
Protein für unterwegs
Low-calorie sweetener
Fewer carbs, * more protein
Verbesserte Rezeptur
Real flavor from real raw materials
Premium cocoa beans, gently roasted
Milch von Weidekühen
High quality whey protein
More protein for your muscles
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Vanliga frågor
When can I eat your Protein Chocolate?

Whenever you want! Your new favorite snack is perfect as a sweet reward after your workout. Or whenever you just really need chocolate.

Why does your Protein Chocolate still have fat in it?

Fat is the foundation of chocolate. We use premium cocoa butter. It's the whole reason chocolate tastes so good and melts on your tongue. It's what makes chocolate chocolate! But no one needs added sugar. That's why we reduced the sugar in our Protein Chocolate by 90%. *  

How did you figure out how to make chocolate without any sugar in it?

We replaced sugar with maltitol. It's a sugar substitute that tastes just as yummy as sugar but doesn't pile on the calories. Our Protein Chocolate is mind-blowingly good with 90% less sugar. *

Can I bake with your Protein Chocolate?

Of course! You can use our Protein Chocolate for anything you'd use normal chocolate for. Just try it! Because our chocolate has more protein, you'll have to adjust the other ingredients in your recipe a bit to make sure your results are just as delicious as you remember.

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