Protein Balls 12-pack

“Runda proteinsnacks.”

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  • Protein Balls 12-pack
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12 x 40 g


  • 12x Protein Balls
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Source of protein
Source of protein
Great for on the go
Just 7 ingredients
Just 7 ingredients
No funny business, just flavor
Intense, delicious, pure
Intense, delicious, pure
No added or artificial flavors
Short ingredients list
Short ingredients list
Big flavors
Ingredients (Protein Balls Coconut cashew)

dates (32%), cashews (20%), whey protein isolate (from milk) (15%), coconut flakes (12%), desiccated coconut (9%), rice starch, grape juice concentrate

Nutrition facts per 100g per 40g
Energy 1947 kJ / 465 kcal 778 kJ / 186 kcal
Fat 23g 9.4g
of which saturated fat 13g 5.3g
Carbohydrates 42g 17g
of which sugars 32g 13g
Fiber 5.1g 2.0g
Protein 20g 8.0g
Salt 0.05g 0.02g
Ingredients (Protein Balls Peanut Cocoa)

dates (39%), peanuts (38%), whey protein isolate (from milk) (10%), rice starch, grape juice concentrate, cocoa powder (2%), pink Himalayan salt

Nutrition facts per 100g per 40g
Energy 1816 kJ / 434 kcal 726 kJ / 174 kcal
Fat 20g 8.1g
of which saturated fat 3.4g 1.4g
Carbohydrates 38g 15g
of which sugars 35g 14g
Fiber 5.6g 2.2g
Protein 22g 8.9g
Salt 0.02g 0.01g

NOTE: Despite careful monitoring, this product may contain hard pieces of fruits, nuts, etc.. May contain traces of egg, milk, peanuts, and other nuts.

Dosage & Preparation

Protein Balls are the perfect on the go snack. Enjoy a delicious treat made with cocoa and peanuts or cashews and coconut whenever you're craving something sweet.

Recommended Times
  • Between meals
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Vanliga frågor
How’d you manage to cram so much protein into these Protein Balls?

We take great care to select nuts that are good sources of protein: cashews and peanuts. But that's not all. The secret ingredient is whey protein.

Where do the Protein Balls get their subtle sweetness?

Instead of throwing in tons of granulated sugar, we sweeten our Protein Balls with dates and grape juice concentrate. This gives them a gentle, natural sweetness and makes them the perfect alternative to conventional sugary snacks and chocolates!

Do I need to keep my Protein Balls in the fridge?

Nope. Our Protein Balls are best stored at room temperature. They'll stay nice and moist for maxium 3 days after you crack open the bag, as long as you always remember to close the bag properly.

What’s the difference between foodspring's Protein Bars and other Protein Balls?

Because they're a source of protein, our Protein Bars are perfect as a functional food post-workout. But if you’re generally trying to up your protein intake, our Protein Balls are the perfect snack for any time of day. We've put it to the test. Even self-confessed sugar freaks who usually steer well clear of fitness foods can't resist our Protein Balls!

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